Barn Cats

I think we are officially cat people now even though we never thought much of having cats since donna is allergic to them. But, a few years ago the local feed store closed and left all their feral cats. Some local members of the community that were caring for them, trapped around 100 cats and had them spayed and neutered then transported to forever homes. But, there were some not caught and still living at the vacant feed store.

One of the feral cats that we had been feeding, showed up at the food dish one morning with 5 new tabby kittens around four to five weeks old. Then a few days later, mama cat disappeared for a few days and when she re-appeared again. She had a bandage around her waist and was limping. When I tried getting close to her, she took off. After that we never saw her again. The kittens adopted us and the rest is history.

The four little boys and one girl are now a large part of our family. People are amazed about how friendly they are and want to check out everyone who comes into the barn.

Fast forward to the fall of 2018. We started caring for two more feral cats that had adopted us. I thought they both were boys. I was wrong. Both had four kittens each in our hay storage around the same time. The kittens showed up at the food dish at maybe 5 to 6 weeks old with their moms. Now we have two feral moms and their 8 kittens to get their shots and be spayed and neutered. We started repurposing our chicken coops that was planned to be taken down. They will be turned into cat condos now after they are cleaned up, insulated, remodeled, painted, and the heat installed. We have heat for our shelters and barn. We don't let the temperature fall below 40° during the winter.