For Sale

Sorry, we no longer sell goats, Kentucky Bourbon Red Turkeys or Organic Chicken Eggs.

I have enjoyed over the last few years hatching close to 1000 of our Kentucky Bourbon Red Turkey poults each spring. But I'm not getting any younger, so that journey had to come to a end. It was time to sell our flock of turkeys and also all of our chickens that supplied our customers and us those tasty organic eggs. The sights and their sounds are truly missed, but the extra hour of work each day is not.
We have also decided that the 2018 kidding season will be our last kidding season. Even though we love the new little kids each year, we are too attached when it comes time to sell to other loving homes. Leaves us feeling guilty and puts a lot of stress on them and us that they are leaving their mom and the only home that they have known. So we decided keep our little herd and grow old together. The plan is this summer to have our vet fix our 3 older bucks that we used for breeding so they to can live longer without the stress of being in a rut every year.
Goats are addicting. So if your looking at getting goats for pets, please get a couple of rescue goats and make sure the bucks are fixed (wethered) or get them fixed. Little kids are truly amazing but unless you plan on keeping them, I would not breed them. Unlike unwanted dog and cats, many unwanted pet goats end up at slaughterhouses because they are livestock.
Our herd is registered with the USDA and most of of the herd is Triple Registered Purebred with AGS, ADGA, and NDGA. We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association.