Our Does

Daisy is one of our 2017 kids. A little black and white grade doe with blue eyes. She is Pebs only daughter in 2017. She was the runt of 4 kids. Her brothers did not let her get much milk because they were so much larger than her. So she is a bottle baby that stayed with her mom. Even after the boys were weaned and she was the only kid left, she still did not try to nurse. She is a super affectionate little doe who loves to play. After a trip to the vet for a check up, we found out she had a heart murmur and our working with the vet for our options. She eats well and very playful, but does not have the size like the rest of the kids. She is a permanent pet and mommies little girl.  

This is Reva and Dazzle. These are the first goats we ever purchased, they were more of a rescue than anything. They were both pregnant when we brought them home. Both were really sweet and adjust well after coming home with us. 

Reva passed away in October of 2016. She was not big on going to the vet for a check up and would really get stressed. She had not been feeling well and fecal test had came back clear. So I had taken her to the vet for some blood work and a check up. She had a heart attack and died in my arms at the vet. I was devastated and in shock. We had a necropsy done and showed she had kidney and heart issues. Unfortunately I had already breed her daughter Pebs. This would be pebs second time kidding, always having healthy kids. This year Pebs also had a little doe named Daisy who also was born with a heart murmur. Daisy will be a permanent pet with us.I am no longer breeding this line or any of our other grade does. 

This is Melody. Another rescue we purchased from the same farm as Reva and Dazzle. Melody never really fit in with the herd and was always stressed. She does loves attention and will get jealous when you pet someone in front of her .  In 2015 we breed her so she could have some buddies. She had two bucks that are now wethers, Yogi and Boo. So she has her own little herd now. Her confidence changed so much after she had her kids and was a great mom. 

This is Nibbles and Tawni. Both are grade does that we won't breed. Nibbles is the black and white doe with blue eyes and wattles. She is Pebs daughter from 2016. Tawni is the brown doe, also with blue eyes and wattles. Tawni is one of Reva's daughters from 2015. She was very close to her mom and didn't take it well after Reva passed away. But now Nibbles and Tawni and best buddies. Both of these girls are spoiled and are super affectionate and demand attention.