Our Goats

Daisy is one of our 2017 Kids. A little black and white doe with blue eyes. She is Pebs only daughter in 2017. She was the runt of 4 kids. Her brothers did not let her get much milk because they were so much larger than her. So she was a bottle baby that stayed with her mom. She is a super affectionate and loves to play and is not afraid to stand up to the other goats twice her size. After a trip to the vet for a check, we found out she has a heart murmur. It doesn't seem to affect her. You would never notice she was any different other than she is the smallest goat we have and she is mommy's little girl.

These sisters Reva and Dazzle were the first pair of goats we brought home and they did not come from the greatest situation and was really more of a rescue. They were both pregnant and we had no idea when they were do. Both were really sweet and adjusted well after coming home with us.

Dazzle is our oldest goat and unknown to us had problems with her back hooves and retired from having kids after this was found out. Our vet said it was something that happened when she was a kid that wasn't taking care of, but she still gets around well and is always not far from Susie one of her daughters. Dazzle is also starting to go blind in one eye, but that don't stop her from still being the Queen of the herd.

Unfortunately Reva had health problems that surfaced and was the reason we put video cameras in the barn and stalls. She passed away in my arms after having a heart attack while at the vet's office. Her main issue was kidney failure. Her passing hit me really hard and to this day will still bring tears to my eyes. It took some time for Tawni her stall mate and daughter to get past her being gone, and for the first few weeks she would call out for her mom. Reva will always be missed.

Reva passed away in October of 2016. She was not big on going to the vet for a check up and would really get stressed. She had not been feeling well and fecal test had came back clear. So I had taken her to the vet for some blood work and a check up. She had a heart attack and died in my arms at the vet. I was devastated and in shock. We had a necropsy done and showed she had kidney and heart issues.

This is Nibbles and Tawni. Nibbles is the black and white doe with blue eyes and wattles. She is Pebs daughter from 2016. Tawni is the brown doe, also with blue eyes and wattles. Tawni is one of Reva's daughters from 2015. She was very close to her mom and didn't take it well after Reva passed away. But now Nibbles and Tawni are stall mates and best buddies. Both of these girls are spoiled and are super affectionate and demand attention.