Our Wethers

Scoob the oversize baby.

Scoob is one of our first kids back in 2014 from Dazzle. He is a wether and a oversize lap goat. We try to control his weight, but can gain weight by breathing air it seems. He was not a bottle baby. But he is the most affectionate and loving goat, but a bully to the herd as he thinks he is king. Any time the herd is let out to play in the common area, he is the first one to run to me and rub his head on my shoes. If anyone else pets him, he usually will not leave their side. Just one big blue eyed cutie that is a super sweet goat.

Who is one of Acorn's bucks from 2016. Acorn was sold in 2016. We have waited to wether him. At some point this year we will have the vet wether him. He is a super affectionate and loving buck and loves attention. Problem is he gets way too excited if you give him too much. He looks just like a skinner Scoob with the blue eyes and hair color and just as loving.

Yog and Boo are wethers from Melody in 2015. These two freak out if they are separated. For the longest time they would not eat their goat chow in their stall at night unless they both were in the stall together.