Goat Berry Trails Pebs

Pebs is a grade doe and is one of my first kids we ever had. She was one of 4 kids Reva had in 2014. Pebs with her cute blue eyes and wattles is a super affectionate and loving doe and great mom. The funny thing was her mom was on the low end of the pecking order in the herd. So it is only fitting the Pebs is now the queen. Pebs is a second time freshener. In 2016 she had triplets, 2 does and a buck all healthy. This year in 2017 she had quadruples, 3 boys and 1 doe. The little doe was small, had a hard time getting to nurse with 3 large boys. We kept her with her mom, but she is a bottle baby. Pebs is being retired this year like all our grade does and her little doe Daisy will be keeping her company.  Pebs is easy to milk and produces 2 to 3 quarts a day. One time milking weighing 2 pounds or more.