Reva and Dazzle were sisters and the first pair of goats that we brought home. They did not come from the greatest situation and both were pregnant with no known due dates. Unfortunately Reva had health problems that surfaced and was the reason we put video cameras in the barn and stalls. Reva passed away in October of 2016. She was not big on going to the vet for a check up and would really get stressed out. She had not been feeling well and fecal test had came back clear. So I had taken her to the vet for some blood work and a check up. She passed away in my arms after having a heart attack while at the vet's office.  I was devastated and in shock. We had a necropsy done and it showed that her main issue was kidney failure. Her passing hit me really hard and to this day will still bring tears to my eyes. It took some time for her daughter Tawni and stall mate to get past her being gone, and for the first few weeks she would call out for her mom. Reva will always be missed.