Pepper & Rocky

Both of these guys are Rose’s 2018 Kids and her stall mates. There other brother Moose became stall mates with Spearmint and Latte. Since Moose would pick on Pepper and Rocky in their stall and not let them eat. All three of Rose’s 2018 kids were not disbudded, since they were staying with their mom and would never be sold. I also had no desire to put them through the pain of disbudding like all of our other goats had to endure as kids. Which disbudding is a standard in the goat industry.

Pepper is a doe and was a bottle baby that stayed with her mom. She was the runt and her two larger brothers would not let her eat most of the time. She is a super sweet girl that is very vocal went she is demanding attention.

Rocky is now a wether. He is a sweet little guy, but very shy around other people.