Raisin Ridge Ranch Spearmint

Spearmint is a affectionate, loving doe and a wonderful mom that loves attention. But she is not big on change in any form to the point that when we first purchase her in the fall of 2016. She would not lay down at night in her stall and would just stand there. Even falling asleep while standing there. After the first night of her doing this, I wound up having to go into her stall and laying down myself. Then she would come over and lay down next to me and want to be petted. If I stopped petting her before she was ready for me to be done, she would nudge my hand with her nose. She had this routine, I laid down, then she would lay down. I had to pet her and when she had enough she would get up and go pee then lay back down and then I could leave. This went on for over 5 months. It was not until she had her kids that she stopped needing this.  Funny thing was, some nights I fell asleep and would be woke up hours later by her licking my forehead. She is so funny.