Goat Berry Trails Susie

Susie is a grade doe and very special to us. She was born on my wife's birthday and is was a only child from Dazzle in 2015. We named after my wife's sister who passed away at age 11 from Leukemia. The funny thing is the following year in 2016 Dazzle also had another single doe on my wife's birthday. This year Susie is a first freshener and kidded healthy quadruples on my wife's mom's birthday who passed away last fall. Susie is a loving doe and a good mom. She always kept her kids in line. She always made sure the two smallest kids had enough to nurse and would not put up with the two larger kids trying to get more than their share. That's why we kept the kids with Susie, but bottle feed the two larger ones to help out. Susie is a easy to milk if she in the mood and will even left a leg to help out. She produces 2 quarts or more a day. But like all our grade does are being retired.