Tawni & Nibbles

Tawni was one of Reva's kids from 2015. She was Reva's stall mate when she passed away at the vets in 2016. Tawni was heart broken when her mom passed away and showed it for a few months by calling out for her mom at night.

Nibbles was one of Pebs kids back in 2016. Nibbles was very unhappy when her mom had more kids the following year in 2017. She was very jealous of her mom's new kids, since they were getting all of the attention. Nibbles was rough with the new kids and we had to find her a new stall mate. Tawni was perfect for her and it wasn't until the two became stall mates that Tawni started to warm up to people again. Both of these girls are sweet and lovable and are always together.