2015 Kids

2015 was a much better year for kidding. This was Acorn's first year kidding, which was not part of the plan during fall breeding since she was less than a year old at the time of breeding. Someone left the buck pen open and Acorn was in heat. We got there after the fact to separate her and Midnight. Acorn was the first on due in 2015. A few days before she was due we schedule a visit to the vet to make sure the kids were not to big for Acorn to kid, since she was still small. The x-ray showed the kids were small enough for her to have. Acorn went into labor on the way home and had the kids 10 minutes after we got home from the vet. One of the easier kiddings that we have had. She had two bucks and was a great mom. Reva had 3 does that year and Dazzle had Susie on my wife's birthday.