2017 Kids

2017 was busy and stressful. 15 kids.   

Pebs had quadruplets, 3 bucks and a doe. Here first kid was breeched and needed help. The first two kids were 3 lbs and last two were 4 lbs.  Daisy the little doe was dam raised but bottle feed due to she was small and the boys would not let her nurse most of the time. 

Primrose had triplets, all does. All averaged 3.5 lbs each. The first doe was still born. Looked like it passed in the last 24 hours. I have a feeling, Rose may have got hit by someone in the herd. This is why next year, all the moms will be in separate pen from the rest of the herd. We also lost a second doe of Rose, Moca at 8 weeks of age. I had just lowered the goat mineral dish so the kids could reach it. Unfortunately the kids liked it too well. A day after the kids had access to the minerals I came home and found Moca dead. After looking at our security videos, I saw she had been eating it all day. I had Michigan State Veterinarian School do a Full Necropsy (animal autopsy). Results came back she was healthy but the toxicology results showed she had a high sodium level (1998 ppm) in her brain.  Which strongly supported salt toxicities from the minerals. The sodium level was what a normal cow would have, not a 30 lbs kid. I am still in shock from this. I did contact the company that makes the minerals, they did test a sample and found nothing wrong. It don't believe there was anything wrong with the minerals, but companies suggest free choice for minerals. I would think twice about giving it to young kids and monitor any goat being introduced to loose minerals for the first time.

Spearmint had triplets. All bucks, two at 3 lbs and one at 4 lbs. Her first kid was breached also. She was having a hard time and I was able to help her get the first kid out and then she was fine with delivering the next two kids.

Magic was a surprise. I thought for sure she would have twins, based on her size. Nope a healthy single 3.6 lbs doe that looks just like her and no delivery problems.

Susie was also a surprise, quadruplets. A first freshener this year. She did not get super big, so I thought maybe twins. Nope after the first two kids were born a doe and buck, we were just waiting for the placenta to pass. Nope two more kids, another doe and buck. Everyone was healthy and no delivery problems. The first two kids were only 2.5 lbs each and the second two kids were 3.25 and 3.5 lbs. We did help Susie out with partial bottle feeding the kids.