About Us

We are the caretakers for some retired dairy goats, a few barn cats and a couple handfuls of feral cats. We promote a healthy Vegan lifestyle that includes caring for some amazing creatures that enlighten our lives everyday.

Our journey began with my wife and I retiring as restaurateurs, with me being in the industry for over 30 years. We thought our next stage in life would be small organic livestock farmers. But, after caring for the chickens, turkeys and dairy goats for a few years, it opened our eyes to these animals awareness and intelligence and many common practices in these industries that made us realize being livestock farmers was not for us. We love caring for them. But, the part where they become dinner or having to separate the kids from their moms when they were sold, are things that never set well with us. It was one of the many things that motivated me to become a vegan in 2018 with my wife not far behind.

It’s funny how fast life changes. It wasn’t but a few years ago back in 2013 that we had started with a few chickens and a couple of rescue Nigerian Dwarf goats that were sisters. Both pregnant, and we had no clue what we’re doing at first.  So, with some guidance from others we then studied and prepared ourselves to properly take care of these sweet little animals. But, after all the time, money and love invested in our small livestock farm, we decided it was best to stop contributing to these industries. We rehomed the poultry we still had, and the goats retired to be able to enjoy life with us. Also, somewhere in the mix of things we were blessed to be adopted by some feral cats and their kittens that choose our family. It continues to be an amazing journey even with the ups and downs, and sometimes the unforeseen heart aches, but it all is worth it.

This site is about having compassion to all Earthlings and bringing awareness of how intelligent and conscious these adorable animals are with all their antics that we are so blessed to witness.

We wish you all the best vibes and have the best day ever.

Aaron and Donna