About Us


As a teenager I was in 4-H and raised rabbits, chickens and even had a pet raccoon and a couple of pet skunks but I never gave any thought about raising goats. It started a few years ago when my wife wanted a couple of goats. I thought sure, our kids are all grown and out of the house, So we started with two Nigerian Dwarf does that I purchased for my wife for Christmas that were pregnant and due in the spring. When the kids were born in the spring I fell in love with these little guys. Since then our herd has grown to more than we probably need. 

Our goats are an extension of our family now and cared for in the highest quality that we can. My kids think I'm crazy since we have security cameras in all the stalls and pens. They have ventilation to keep cool in summer and if winter temperatures are below 32, then they have some heat. 

All the goats we sell, only go to caring, responsible and permanent homes for show, dairy or pets that we believe will be able to properly care for these animals that we hold so dear to our hearts.. We do not sell goats for meat or lawn mowers. Our focus is changing more to show animals that are great pets.

Our herd is registered with the USDA and most of our animals are registered with ADGA. We are members of the American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Association, Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association, and the Michigan Dairy Goat Association.



Have the best day ever,

Aaron & Donna