Go Vegan!

What is a Vegan?

The short answer, it’s a lifestyle that excludes as much as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Veganism continues to see growth. Over 600% rise just in the last three years globally. It’s not a fad and will continue to grow as it shows the health benefits of not eating meat and the byproducts. But, don’t worry Omnivores, even with Veganism growing here in the US we still saw record numbers of meat consumption in 2018 due to cheap meat prices. A large percentage of the population will always eat unhealthy foods and not take care of themselves. Their too busy to cook for themselves or too short minded to worry about their future health problems. They think it’s normal to die of a heart related diseases or other diet contributing diseases. Plus, like many people think it’s necessary to eat meat.

Why I became a Vegan.

I got really introduced about the existence of Veganism through social media. After following a goat rescue site called Goats of Anarchy by Leanne Lauricella. I started getting curious about veganism. Now that I look back, for me becoming a Vegan was years in the making. I just wish I would of woke up sooner. All the signs were there throughout my life and pointing me in the direction of Veganism. I just hadn’t put it together. I was like most people. I was disconnected and thought it was a necessary evil to eat animals. I was too busy to worry about eating healthy or realize that the healthy marketing claims of eating meat and dairy was false and helps contribute to many of the deaths in this country. The downsides of the livestock industry are too long to list and it’s not to paint the picture that all livestock farmers are evil. Almost all of them are the hardest working and most loving individuals you will ever meet. They just have a disconnect and believe like the majority of people that it’s a necessary. Which the majority may never change their attitude towards eating animals and their byproducts. Based on the fact how many humans treat each other. But my suggestion especially to the small livestock farmer is Veganism is growing and won’t ever slow down. So take note and make changes from producing livestock to vegetables because consumption of meat and their byproducts will start to decrease and only the large factory farms will have the resources to survive.  Either way I don’t want to support those industries in any form. So, it makes sense for me to be a Vegan. Which is funny. Because the thought of me being a Vegan a few years ago was not part of my plan. Like many people, I didn’t even know what a Vegan was other than being a vegetarian. I also believed like most people, that your body can’t get the proper nutrition or protein without eating meat and dairy. Which is totally false. But becoming a vegan does require a real commitment to a lifestyle change. One that I believe is worth it.

Here is to the future and good vibes.